Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daily Schedule Thursday 25 June

We are having some guests visit with us this morning. Room 5 will be coming to see what we've been up to. (There are only 6 children in Room 5 at the moment!)

SODA - Check out today's SODA activity.

MATHS - We will check out these activities BEFORE Room 5 come to make sure they're all working ok.

Number Trains
Sorting click on SORTING option
Touch circles - click on Touch Circles option
Cassowary Sanctuary
Tower Blaster

This week there are a number of activities to complete. Remember you have to choose as a group which activity you will do - but you have to do them all!

There are a mix of activities:


Times Tables

Number ordering


Basic Facts

Here are your reading/language activities for this week. There are six different activities so you'll need to pace yourself.

I will do some script recording today during R/L time.

Spelling: There are two activities - one easy, one hard. You can do both if you like.
Spelling & Sentence construction (easy)
Spelling (hard)

Back in My Day Voicethread story


Back in My Day Cloze exercise

The Tortoise and The Eagle - fable from Africa

Library - Time to change your library books - I want to start making a list of books you think are "must reads." That means they're books you want your friends to read because they're so good. (Like the dragon book Connor read!)

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