Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daily Schedule Monday 22 June

Welcome back to a new week. This is week 9 - the holidays are creeping closer!

This morning we have something new - SODA! Click here to go and complete the SODA activity. Complete this as a group activity.

This week there are a number of activities to complete. Remember you have to choose as a group which activity you will do - but you have to do them all!

There are a mix of activities:


Times Tables

Number ordering


Basic Facts

I will also be working with the different Maths groups this week.

Here are your reading/language activities for this week. There are six different activities so you'll need to pace yourself. You also need to make sure you've finished your picture and script from last week's writing BEFORE you start any of these activities.

Spelling: There are two activities - one easy, one hard. You can do both if you like.
Spelling & Sentence construction (easy)
Spelling (hard)

Back in My Day Voicethread story


Back in My Day Cloze exercise

The Tortoise and The Eagle - fable from Africa

I will be reading with all the reading groups this week. Make sure you've read the 'Back in My Day' story before you come to read with me.

Topic - we will be working on our production item

Matariki - we'll also be looking at some stories and plays about Matariki - the Maori New Year.

It's our 2nd to last week for this term. We've had a great 8 weeks - let's keep it up!

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